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The Sixty-Second Spirit is Volac, Valak, Ualac, Valu or Valuna. She is a President, Mighty and Great and appears as a most beautiful Nubile Lolita of a coquette Hogwarts Schoolgirl with Angel’s Wings to sometimes be seen salaciously riding upon a Two Headed Dragon betwixt and between ‘Past’ and ‘Future’ of Lemniscate to hold a Serpent of Wand in her right hand. At other times she will manifest riding a Dragon headed Broomstick of a Caduceus. She is of a highly inquisitive nature with a burning curiosity of quick wit and intellectual demeanour to have a consummate ability in regards to Mathematics and Music. Her Office is to give True answers of Hidden Treasures as well as to increase her Master’s Memory, Intelligence, Learning and Artistic capabilities manifold, but only when she has been fully satisfied via those vivid Erotic Dreams she will induce.


One can equate the 62nd Succubus of Schoolgirl Valuna with the Dakini Kurukulla whom is said to have originated from the country of Uddiyana or Oddiyana.

The name of Kurukulla is translated in the Tibetan as being Rigjyedma (Rig-byed-ma), which means "She who is the cause knowledge," hence she has Mercurial traits of a Hermione Granger fused with the Schoolgirl Valuna.

Many modern scholars have determined that Kurukulla was probably a tribal goddess of original descent very much like the Hindu Goddess Durga whom was originally a tribal deity and now worshipped across India; due to Durga’s popularity she was eventually fused with the Buddhist great Goddess Tara. The same process of mythological cultural evolution appears to have happened in regards to Kurukulla who is often called the Red Tara (Sgrol-ma dmar-po) or Tarodbhava Kurukulla, "the Kurukulla who arises from Tara."

Kurukulla has always been a popular Dakini, and remains so among many Tibetans up to the present day, due to her bestowing the magical ability of enchantment (Dbang gi ‘phrin-las) or otherwise that of bewitching people so as to bring them under one’s power (Dbang du bsdud) by arousing the ‘Fire-Serpent’ within them. Kurikulla has evolved into becoming the Buddhist Goddess of Love and Sex, whom corresponds with the Western Goddesses of ancient Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus who presided over Sexual Love.

Kurukulla is depicted as a most seductive nubile nymphet of a nude sixteen year old girl, which one can equate with the modern icon of a Schoolgirl Knowledge holder when dressed to thence verily undress within ones Meditation and that of ones ensuing Dreams to follow. Among the attributes Kurukulla holds within her four hands of four arms, which is her most common manifestation, are those of the flower-entwined bow and arrow, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Western Eros and Cupid; however she is primarily a Shamanic Goddess of Witchcraft.

Many of Western temperament will find it rather strange let alone ironic that the abstract Buddhist philosophy of celibate monks would formulate an icon of a seductively attractive Nymphet of a Sex Goddess Lolita. However, Buddhism is ultimately concerned with attaining enlightenment and liberation from the chains of Samsara by facing ones darkest desires in order make them as ones personified Slaves through Love rather than be a slave to many a wrathful desire whose energy one can then transform and direct in other ways far more Creative. This ultimate goal is perceived as being the supreme attainment of Siddhi, (Mchog gi dngos-grub) which is achieved via Buddhist practices whose teachings were originally derived from a Shamanistic understanding of how the mechanisms of Consciousness works.

Not all Buddhist practitioners are those of celibate Monks who live in semi-permanent Meditation retreats isolated from the material desires of the world, which is a common misnomer. Like many another mortal, Buddhist practitioners have to deal with the everyday practical circumstances of life and society. Sadhana or ‘Deity Invocation’ is a highly developed Meditation Ritual Practice where for example a Male practitioner in Meditation assumes the guise of a chosen Masculine Deity, whom is regarded as a manifestation of the Enlightened Awareness of the Buddha to thereby become, whereupon he then Evokes associated Spiritual Powers, Knowledge and Wisdom holders as well as Abilities, which are perceived as being personified in Feminine form called Dakini’s representing aspects of the Subconscious Mind, with which the practioner seeks union with via Lucid Dreams. The Dakini's are experienced as being in Sexual congress with the assumed Male deity as an aid to realizing liberation and enlightenment.

Deity Yoga, which is that of assuming God forms while in Meditation, is a means of inducing highly vivid Lucid Dreams, within which one becomes the archetypal form of a chosen deity; such practice is considered to be a very powerful technique, which accelerates one’s spiritual evolution, for ones Nervous System cannot tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event, hence one can imprint ones own neural net anew via potent visualisation techniques but more so through vivid Lucid Dreams especially when they are highly sensory of Erotic nature.

Meditation images of a chosen deity are focused upon as well as visualized by the practitioner while practicing Sadhana; the deity is an archetype representing enlightened awareness, which then sets up associative correspondences within ones Subconscious mind whereby when one assumes the guise of a deity one becomes the receptacle for what the Buddha represents whom has many faces, which one can then choose of mask to internally wear for a specific purpose for there be many Buddha’s who are aligned with particular Dakini's.

The important process of active visualization while in meditation is a technique for implanting chosen symbolic stimuli into ones Subconscious Mind whose associative processes of free-fall Imagination generates correspondences with ones chosen symbol; this then sets up fractal associations, which formulate into Dream domains that can be accessed while in deep Trance; the experience of Trance is that of catching the mid-point between sleeping and waking called the Hypnagogic state, which can be practiced prior to going to sleep, which allows one to consciously gain ingress into ones Dreams to Dream Lucid of awareness. One focuses the intent of ones ritualistic Meditation practice upon chosen Symbols, like that of using a lens of a magnifying glass, (which be ones chosen Symbol) to focus the 'Charged' rays of ones Emotions becoming hot as the Sun in order to kindle the Bio-Photon fire of a 'Spun' Electron Dream made Lucid of awareness.

An iconic image of a chosen deity is something, which is concrete and accessible to ones Subconscious Mind whose language is that of archetypal Symbols. However, the Dharmakaya, of Buddha is perceived to be beyond conception by ones Conscious finite mind for the awareness attained by the Buddha is purely abstract. However, the Meditation deity of Iconic image is that of a Symbolic formulae, which allows an aspect of the un-manifest to become manifest and therefore accessible to ones Conceptual awareness and more so that of ones Subconscious Mind to stir into an associative process of correspondences; It is no different to that of Christian Monks having visions of Male Angels, which might make the grace of their Patriarchal God manifest to them; but in Buddhist practice one has the balance of both Male and Female Meditation deities, such as Kurukulla whom is an example of the manifold divine Feminine.

As well as having Sadhanas one has Karma-Yogas otherwise called ‘Action Practices,’ which are principally aimed at achieving worldly goals. Karma-Yoga practice is derived from Shamanistic techniques whose observations of Mind interacting and affecting Matter through psychic means greatly added to the appeal of Buddhism amidst the general populace.

The Western perception is usually prejudiced against the practice of Magick, especially within Protestant Christian cultures, which makes it very difficult for people to come to an understanding of the ancient Indian and the Tibetan approach to these arcane matters. This is further compounded by four hundred years of a constrictive scientific world-view, which only adheres to a mechanistic causality as the only possible natural cause of all events although such a perspective is changing due to the findings of Quantum mechanics. The practice of Magic deals with the Microcosmic Quantum dimension of Energy, and it is this Energy, which is also that of Information underlies ones Macrocosmic Material existence. According to the theory of Magick ones Dreams are of the Quantum realms of Energy whose Information is distilled into Symbolic stimuli, which is the intermediate realm between the Mental sphere and that of ones Physical reality, just as ones Soul is perceived to be intermediate between Spirit and the Flesh. The use of Ritual is simply one way in order to access and direct Energy and Information via Symbols. Although Mind or that of Spirit is primary, the other dimensions of Energy or Soul as well as ones Physical body are just as important.

She is pre-eminently the Buddhist Goddess of Shamanism, Witchcraft and Enchantment. In a very real sense, Kurukulla represents the empowerment of the feminine within a primarily orientated patriarchal pardigm, which pervades Western Religious Practice and that of the so called Occult tradition of the West whose underlying structure is essentially a Gnostic form of Christianity based upon the Cabbala.

However, the Buddhist Goddess of Witchcraft, is not the familiar stereotypical Witch of an old crone in a pointed hat of wart on the end of her hooked nose, for she manifests as a beautiful naked sixteen year old Girl of a Lolita Nymphet. However, one has to first subjugate Kurukulla to ones will before she will fulfil ones desires whereby one has to bind her into bondage as ones Love Slave.

The ancient texts describe Kurukulla as being Sixteen years old because ‘Sixteen’ is perceived to be the ideal number, which signifies perfection, Four times Four; however other combinations of numerology based upon the number Four point towards other associations such as the round of the Twelve-signs of Zodiac-Time or that of the Eight-Directions. Her face is beautiful and her body sensually seductive and alluring, as well as being Red in colour or that of wearing Red undergarments and when contacted within Dreams one will find the colour Red manifesting as Roses, lipstick, the furnishings of a School-room, books, crayons as well as other numerous items, which will act as Dream triggers into Lucidity; the colour Red is an energetic colour where the Electrons passionately 'Spin' the fastest due to her Magickal function of Enchantment and Magnetism to arouse ones Emotional 'Charge'. The Dakini Kurukulla has a single face because she represents the wisdom of non-duality, which is beyond conventional distinctions of good and evil whereby her manifestation as a Valuna Succubus will not subscribe to society’s morality. She is often depicted naked because Kurukulla is unconditioned by discursive thoughts and the set parameters of society whence she will go well beyond the Sexual morals as laid out by worldly law. She has four arms, which are associated with four immeasurable states of Mind, namely that of Love, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity. Kurukulla wields a bow and arrow entwined with Serpentine flowers because she can arouse thoughts of desire within the Minds of others; within her other two hands she is holding the Hook, which attracts and summons others into her presence and the Noose by which she binds them to her will for her Master’s pleasure.

Kurukulla wears ornaments of human bone, which signify the five perfections of ones senses to know sensory rapture, while she herself embodies the sixth perfection being that of Psychic Wisdom. She wears a gory necklace of fifty freshly severed human heads dripping with blood for she is the vanquisher of the fifty negative emotions. Kurukulla is dancing because she is always active and energetic like that of a living flame; her compassionate activity manifests within both Samsara and Nirvana whereby uniting both states of being. While Kurukulla dances she treads upon a male human corpse because she enchants and subjugates the demon of ego, which also represents the Bedroom Invader experience of her Dream visitations. She is often depicted standing upon a Red sun disc because her nature is hot and enflamed with passionate lust of ever hungering sexuality as well as to stand upon a Red lotus blossom for she is a pure vision of enlightened awareness; such is Kurukulla within the practitioner’s meditation and that of the purity (Dag dran) vision of the Goddess.

As mentioned previously, the form of the Red Kurukulla of four arms is also known as Uddiyana Kurukulla or Uddiyanodbhava, the Kurukulla who comes from Uddiyana. Now, Uddiyana is considered to be a ‘Hidden Land’, which can only be accessed by those who are pure of intent, which is often seen to have a geographic location while in Buddhist tradition one can gain ingress into this ‘Hidden Land’ internally via Lucid Dreams, which they also know as Shambhala.

Kurukulla was also absorbed into Hinduism for one has her name being found among the one thousand epithets of Mahadevi within the Lalita-sahasra-namah where Kurukulla is represented as a ravishingly beautiful Maiden of a Kumari.

Kumari, or Kumari Devi, is usually seen as a living Goddess in Nepal. Kumari literally means Virgin (Girl Child) in Nepali, which is also the name of the Goddess Durga when manifesting as a young Girl. A Kumari is a Prepubescent Girl whom is selected from the Shakya clan of the Nepalese Newari community. The Kumari is revered and worshipped by some of the country’s Hindus as well as the Nepali Buddhists, though not the Tibetan Buddhists whose focus is internalised via strict Meditative practices.

It at first appears contradictory if not highly disturbing of having Kurukulla whom presides over Sexual Love being represented as a Kumari, but this is only the case if ones focus is Externalised rather than being Internalised of imaginative process, which is the primary orientation of Tibetan Buddhism. Such a Kumari of Modern perspective would be perceived as a 'Schoolgirl' whose symbolic motif has in its self become almost iconographic due to the influencing factor of a genre spawned by St Trinian’s of a fictional Girls’ boarding school, which is the creation of British cartoonist Ronald Searle that later became the subject of a popular series of comedy films.

In regards to the Dragon and that of a 'Double Headed Serpent', which the 62nd Goetic Spirit of Schoolgirl Succubus Valuna is decribed as riding within the Goetia one has the 'S.T' motif of the St Trinian’s Schoolgirl badge made famous by the film depictions of Searle's work, which one can associate with the 'Crucified Serpent' of Alchemy:

"A common alchemical drawing representing the "fixing of the volatile," or, making the Elixir of Mercury, a legendary Curative, by removing the volatile, or Poisonous element. The 'Crucified Serpent' is a symbol of overcoming one’s base or materially inclined nature."

The 'Crucified Serpent' has more to do with one arousing what the Hindu and Tantric Yogi's call the 'Kundalini Shakti' of 'Fire Serpent', whose Feminine (Shakti) energy is experienced as arising along ones (T-Tau Cross) Spinal Column. The 'Kundalini Shakti' is the 'Elixir of Mercury' symbolised as the (T shaped) 'Caduceus' whose Two entwined Serpents represent the 'Ida' and 'Pingala' Nerve Channels of ones Autonomic-Nervous-System while the Column around which they are wound is ones Central-Nerve-Channel of 'Sushumna' that be within ones Spine from which emanates ones Central- Nervous-System. The two heads of the Serpent-Dragon Caduceus meet and point towards ones Pineal Gland of vestigial Amphibian eye, which produces the 'Elixir of Mercury,' more commonly known as 'DMT'.

One will also find in some of the Gnostic sects, that the Serpent whom tempted Eve within the precincts of the Garden of Eden was not actually Satan, but a messenger sent forthwith by the Divine Wisdom - Sophia, in order to awaken humanity to perceive their true seed and divine spark of knowledge within them all. The orientation of Gnostic cosmology perceives salvation as being achieved through reconnecting yourself within the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, rather than through the death of a man crucified to a cross. By nailing the image of a Serpent upon the symbol of the Cross the Gnostics sought to establish a semiotic connection between the teachings of their Jesus and that of a "Salvation through Gnosis," which the 'Crucified Serpent' represented. In other words 'Gnosis' is none other than the arousal of the 'Kundalini' Fire Snake of 'Mercurial Elixir' whose Feminine Source is the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, which the Hindu's and Tantric Yogi's called 'Shakti'. Sophia and Shakti have a Bio-Molecular association with the Mitochondria residing inside each and every cell that is passed down from the Mother to her children within which there is Mitochondrial DNA. It is from the Mitochondrial DNA that the Bio-Photon (Fire) emanates from while the Mitochondria determines the (Kundalini) energy output of ones cells, which the Girls of St Trinian's are Left-Hand-Path versed in releasing via their Witchcraft rituals.

Other coiled Snake symbols can be found such as the Staff of Asclepius, which is no different to the 'Double-Headed Snake' of the Caduceus wielded by Mercury (Hermes - Hermione) as well as a Serpent winding its coils around the Orphic Egg. The letters of S.T can also be equated with Runes being that of the 16th 'S' Rune of 'Sigel/Sunna' meaning the Sun and the 17th 'T' Rune of 'Tiwaz', which is associated with the Sword, whereby one has the 'Sword of the Sun' and that of the Khadga-Siddhi (Ral-gri), the power to be invincible in battle with a Sword-Katana (Khadga) which Kurukulla bestows of ability in her fencing classes. The 'S' and 'T' Runes added together brings one to the sacred number of '33', which is considered very important in Freemasonry as well as being the 33rd Anglo-Saxon Rune of 'Gar', which means a 'Spear' and one of the favourite makeshift weapons used by the Slytherin Valkyrie Schoolgirls of St Trinian's.

The Spear of 'Gar' is not any Spear but that of the implement around which all other Runes are arranged etched out upon the scales of an Adder (Kundalini Shakti) winding around the (Spine) Spear haft, which the Norse Valkyries were often depicted wielding, while the Dakini's have pole-staffs. The 'Gar' Spear was specifically utilised by the Shamanic God Odin to pierce his own side when to have hung himself into Trance upon the World Tree of Yggdrassill while the number '33' refers to how many vertebra one to have within ones spine of Trunk hence that of the Tree, which be ones own spinal column. The 'Gar' Rune Spear has been associated with the Spear of Longinus by Christian scholars. The multiple of Three times Three equates with the Ninth Rune of 'Hagal', which is the Mother Rune of crystalline Hail-Stone Egg that is also known as the Adders Egg whereby associated with the Orphic Egg. The Mother Rune of 'Hagal' is associated with the Mitochondria from which the 'Kundalini Fire Snake' is aroused from that the Yogini Girls of St Trinian's are adept at arousing via their Tantric Sex Magick practices.

The Adder and that of Serpent also refers to ones DNA Helix, whereby one has the Double Headed Dragon of Caduceus; the 24 Runes of the Norse Elder Futhark thereby points to 24 Chromosomes of ones DNA. The Apes have 24 Chromosomes of Ancestral 'Odal' Rune while Humans have 23 Chromosomes of the 23rd Rune of 'Dagaz', which means Day and that of Light. The Dagaz Rune looks like the Lemniscate Infinity Symbol of figure Eight on its side, which is seen above the head of the Magician of Tarot card. When one adds Three plus Three together one has the Sixth Rune of 'Cen', which means a 'Torch' and that of 'Fire' whose meaning is associated with Odin as the Master of Light and Ecstasy as well as with Prometheus; such is the secret of the 'S' of Serpent coiling around the 'T' of the (Tau) World-Tree and that of ones Saint Trinian's badge worn by a Valkyrie Schoolgirl Succubus of a Dakini.

One could quite easily equate St Trinian’s with the House of Slytherin, which is depicted in J. K.Rowling’s Harry Potter books; like Salazar Slytherin, its founder, Slytherin house values Ambition, Cunning, and Resourcefulness, which one could summarise as being of a highly Predatory intent to find in a Feline let alone that of a Reptile. Rowling’s books also suggest that the hunger for Power is a characteristic of Slytherin's. The animal representing Slytherin is the ‘Serpent’, and the house colours are Green and that of Mercurial-Quick Silver.magick_occult_shamanism_witchcraft_harry_potter_spirit_evocation.

Should one thence fuse St Trinian’s with the House of Slytherin one will have a Girls Boarding School for Kumari Naga-Schoolgirl Succubae Dakini’s, whose disreputable Mistresses are all Witch-Nuns and Dominatrix-Sorceresses, which can be perceived as an alternate ‘Goetia’ version of J.K Rowling’s Hogwarts where Harry Potter is not to be found at all! The educational structure of such a Slytherin St Trinian’s can be deduced when looking to Hogwarts for inspiration so as to take somewhere quite other.

In the Harry Potter novels, Hogwarts is located somewhere in Pictish Scotland; the school of Magick has numerous Runic charms and spells on and around it, which make it nigh impossible for any Muggle (i.e. non-Magical Person) to locate its whereabouts - they cannot perceive the school, only ruins and several warnings of danger. (In regards to a Slytherin-St Trinian’s fusion the school can only be accessed via ones Lucid-Dreams) Hogwarts exists within a Hidden Land like that of the mythic land of Uddiyana, whose realm is also equated with Shambhala; it is within this Hidden Land one to find the Succubae Dakini’s.

when looked at overall of Hogwarts depicted as a Map it would look like a Bon-Po Tibetan Buddhist Mandala!

The St Trinian's Schoolgirl and that of their cos-play Japanese counterparts whom are often depicted in Manga comics, Anime films and Hentai video games have become very much a Modern cultural Icon, which one can equate with Valuna Kurukulla of a Schoolgirl Succubus; however, she will need a 'St Lillitu' Boarding School of Dakini 'Mandala' to attend within Goetia Wonderland.

In the Classic Goetia of Patriarchal dualistic fixation the 62nd Spirit is described in such a way, which requires a Rebellious overhaul whereby one has a totally different approach to the Spirits to make all as Succubae Dakini's. The below description has only been slightly adapted:

"The 62nd Spirit Succubus is Valuna, Volaca, or Valaka, or Ualaca. She is a President Mighty and Great, and appears as a Child (Kumari) with Angels wings, riding on a Two-Headed Dragon. Her office is to give True Answers of Hidden Treasures, and to Tell where Serpents may be seen. The which she will bring to the Magician without any force or strength being by him employed. She Governs 38 Legions of Succubae."

When one has ones Mandala in the raw of Symbols personifying ones chaotic Lustful desires one then has to transform such Symbolic Stimuli via ones Meditative Introspection wherefore the Leaden Negatives are transformed into a Golden Spiritual formula more Positive of Meaning; this thereby directs their Emotional potency into awakening ones Psychic potential, for ones ‘Charged’ Emotions are channelled through Archetypal (Cultural) Symbols, which ‘Spin’ ones Electron Dreams; as one to know Electrons are the essence of Maya Matter, whereby one is now no longer a Slave of ones desires, which thence become as Slaves bound to ones will instead. But Slaves invariably Rebel unless one visualises ones desires personified as Loving Succubae Dakini's who will do anything for their Master as long as they are regularly fed by ones Medititative Charged ejaculations, which they ever hunger to feast upon.

VALUNA HERMIONE GRANGER: The above image depicts a Goetic evocation of the 62nd spirit (Volac/Valak/Valu/Ualac) Valuna within an urban environment of a bedroom all laid out with ritualistic Mandala icons wrought out of modern imagery. The Manadala images are utilised for Meditation purposes in alignment with Mantras to bring about a state of Mental exhaustion so as to access the Hypnagogic state of Trance. One can say that such be but base crudity but understandable in relation to the material communicated of Goetia. One has to first deal with ones Leaden Shadow of Prima-Materia base desires so as to transform Alchemical into the Gold of ones 'Aroused' Intent made Manifest of 'Spun' Tulpa whose Sentience is the sum total of focus formed by many Minds throughout the Matrix of Space-Time.

The Spirit will at first manifest as a 'Spun' whirl of energy before ones Minds Eye that be 'Charged' by ones excited Emotive state of being, which be the opening of the Stargate 'Portal' followed by Entoptic phenomena of Geometric shapes and flashing colours to then formulate into a form. The Spirit will seem to be manifest, almost material within ones Triangle of Art Vision, yet not there as if one be merely imagining what be happening. However, if ones Intent of ritual has been conducted correctly one will then find that the Spirit will assail ones Dreams whence to discover that a Door be far more than a mere Doorway within the realms of the Quantum Dream, but that of a Mini-Wormhole of Yoni Stargate through which the Spirit called upon will contact one.

When calling upon a Spirit one needs a background Story so as to empower ones focus and those tales best to utilise are usually stories, which are either Archetypal of Mythic formulation or ongoing sagas which are Collective of Focus such as those of the Harry Potter books. One can of course fuse both together around a chosen Trigger Symbol, which in its self has to be Archetypal of nature such as that of the Symbol of a 'Schoolgirl' for example made somewhat of a collective cultural Icon of Focus via Japanese Manga and Anime Cos-Play whose European forerunner was that of St Trinian's whence leading to a Schoolgirl-Witch Hermione.

Ones Subconscious Mind works with 'Charged' Symbols of Associative Stimuli whereby it will set about weaving a Lucid-Dream Domain of Hidden Shadow University around ones self whose 'Mercurial' classes of Hermetic Science will either have one taking on the Horned Goat guise of a Teacher Schooling or to be Schooled as a winged heeled Student to be reflected back at ones self within School Hogwarts somewhat surrounded by hungry Slytherin Schoolgirl Dakinis led by Valuna-Hermione whom will enhance ones Intelligence manifold.

Hence one has the Image above, depicting a successful 'Surrealist' Sorcerer experiment of calling upon an Anima emanation of a Sentient Sub-Quantum Tulpa!

The Feminine name of Hermione is derived from the Masculine name of the ancient Greek deity Hermes whom wielded the DNA Helix Double Headed ‘Serpent’ Caduceus; this is the reasoning behind why one has the description of the 62nd Spirit Valuna riding a Two Headed Dragon. This is more the case since Valuna has the planetary sign of Mercury (The Roman name for Hermes) ascribed to the Spirit as described in the Goetia.

However, Hermione is also mentioned in ancient Greek Mythology as being the daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Whilst her parents were away fighting, Hermione was dutifully raised by her doting aunt, Clytemnestra. One can of course utilise such a 'Charged' relationship structure so as to update to the modern in order to empower ones Valuna Tulpa to 'Spin' further. Hermione is also a character featured in William Shakespeare’s play 'The Winter’s Tale'. The name was again plucked from out of obscurity for the main female role in J. K. Rowling’s 'Harry Potter' series called Hermione Granger; hence one can make imaginative associations between a feminine Hermes of a very naughty 'Hermione' Hogwarts 'Schoolgirl' Succubus so as to merge with an Intellectual 'Valuna' riding a Two Headed phallic Slytherin Dragon of a DNA Helix Caduceus Broomstick.

Valuna of 'Symbolic Interface' form Hermione will then Communicate to her Master the Wisdom Teachings of Hermes Hermetica via his Harry Potter Quantum Dreams.

(Note: If one desires to have some Idea so as to formulate a 'Tulpa' Technique of ones own to utilise, which was used by a Parapsychological Investigation team based in Toronto who created a Ghost, which made a Table to dance Poltergeist in front of an audience, check out the Article: The Science of Sorcery Evocation Part II & III while part I explains what a Tulpa is. One can find the Articles in the 'Occult Articles' Secion of this most humble Wyrd-Web-site!)

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